Common Threads

Equipping communities with the knowledge to make nutritious food choices where they work, live and play.

Nutrition Forward

Nutrition education is the cornerstone to healthier communities.

Hands-On Cooking

Focusing on culturally-responsive nutritious recipes, cooking equipment, knife skills and kitchen safety.

Culinary Medicine

Good nutrition is an essential part of expanding current and future generations lifespans.


Common Threads is a passionate team of problem solvers and learners driven by the desire to help build healthy, self-sustaining communities. Our approach is earnest, but not always conventional. We are intentional, but also entrepreneurial. Our work is experiential, with a desire for our lessons to complement and enhance learning. We are proud of our work, and humbled to be a part of communities across the country. Check out our latest public service announcement, and watch first hand the impact our work has in the communities we provide in.



At Common Threads, we are providing children, educators, caregivers, and healthcare professionals with the resources, curriculum, and training needed to champion healthy cooking and nutrition education within their community. Learn about a few of our top programs available!

Small Bites

Small Bites

This in- or after-school program teaches PK-8th grade students about nutrition and healthy cooking through a series of eight lessons combining nutrition and knife-free cooking.

Virtual Cooking Class

Cooking Skills & World Cuisine

This is a chef-led program that challenges students to explore the culture and cuisine of different countries in the kitchen, while using a wide variety of cooking equipment to ensure that they know how to safely and effectively follow, prepare and cook a full recipe.


Cooking Up Health

Through this course participants learn basic culinary skills, steps to create nutritious meals, relationships between food, health, and disease, and cultural competencies around nutrition.

Parent Workshop


T.E.A.C.H. (Teaching Everyone About Cooking & Health) is an online portal for educators and caregivers designed to equip them with the skill sets to become a nutrition and wellness ambassador for your children, students and community. Access webinars, trainings, and curriculum today!

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Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Wondering why the food prices at your local grocery store have increased so much? Of course, one answer is that this is simply the result of inflation. However, that is not the entire reason. Learn what is really going on and how you can continue to prioritize your health in this new economy.

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How to Keep your Kids Busy & Healthy this Summer

How to Keep your Kids Busy & Healthy this Summer

The summer is a great time to involve your children in the kitchen. New flavors and textures can give children a way to explore food while expanding their palates and exposing them to new foods and cooking skills. There are a multitude of ways to instill a love for food and foster creativity. Keep your children busy, engaged, and excited about cooking with these simple and fun food-related activities.

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Transforming Health and Food Practices Across the Nation

Transforming Health and Food Practices Across the Nation

Imagine a world where every child grows up understanding the vital connection between the food they eat and their overall health. A world where no child goes to bed hungry and everyone has equal access to the nutritious, culturally appropriate food they need to thrive. This does not need to be merely a dream, but rather a reality within reach. It’s a journey that unites the sometimes disconnected worlds of hunger, proper nutrition, and health. Read more.

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